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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, You’ll Notice Me Alright! (Part 1)

    Cats are like people in many ways. They have good moods and bad moods. Sometimes they want to play and other times they want to be left alone. Most of all though, just like us, they crave love and attention.

    I was in my early 20's fresh from moving back to California, living with my fiancée at the time and seven other people. Money was hard to come by and the traffic in and out of the house was just too much. Her parents offered for us to move in with them and we both agreed it was a great idea. There was only one issue, cats. Her mom did not like cats and we had two of them, Frankie and Oreo. After much discussion with her parents, rules were set and it was agreed the cats would come with us. The cats broke the rules starting on the second day.

    My soon to be mother-in-law loved to feed and watch the wild bunnies out in her yard every morning. Upon returning home from work on the second day of living there I was summoned to the kitchen like a five year old caught doing something wrong. With that 'you are in deep trouble' look in her eyes, she has me look out the kitchen window and asks me, "What do you see?" There were little pieces of lettuce, carrots and various other vegetable parts strung throughout the yard. It looked like somebody's salad exploded. I wasn't quite sure where this was going and I didn't really know what to say, so I said the only thing I could think of, "If you're trying to grow a garden, you're going about it all wrong".  My attempt at humor fell flat. "No", she says, "I was trying to feed the rabbits, the ones your two cats kept chasing away all day". For whatever reason that will for now and ever be unknown to me, Frankie and Oreo had decided sometime that morning that they loved my soon to be mother-in-law and would follow her around day and night, never to leave her sight. And they didn't.

    Things got worse the following week when a bunny (which I was assured was NOT sleeping) was found outside the front door and Frankie sitting right next to it. She picked up the cat, leaving the 'not sleeping' bunny for me, and preceded to explain to Frankie in a mom to child voice that, yes she loved bunnies and that it was bad what he did. This was the first time she had ever touched one of the cats let alone acknowledged them. Cats like people notice things like this and to Oreo, Frankie was getting attention. The following morning the front door was opened and there on the porch was Oreo with not one but THREE 'not sleeping' snails. He was much slower than Frankie.

    The war had started. It was on. Cats are like people in many ways. They want love and attention just like we do. And they'll do anything to get it.
(to be continued)


  1. I have noticed that the more a person dislikes cats, the more the cats want to hang out with that person. I don't know why that is but the fact that your MIL didn't really want them there, and that they immediately latched onto her doesn't surprise me. And, though I love bunnies, you could look at it as they are wild animals that eat peoples gardens - I mean I don't mind them at all, but that could have been an angle to try. I am lucky because not one of my cats has ever left me a present like those - but they stay inside and get nervous if the spider they see is too big.

  2. Hi Bob and Amy. Thanks for stoppin by. Amy Did you know cats don't like to be stared at. They hate it. They look away everytime. So if someone looks at them and then looks away, they take it as sign they are liked. Hence most people that don't like cats look away and the cats take that as affection. So if you don't want to be bothered by a cat. Stare at it.

    PS. I still think the bunny was sleepin. :)

  3. I love the idea of Frankie and Oreo following your soon to be mother-in-law wherever she went. Too funny!

  4. Well, Cats will be cats and there is no way to reason with them. You either love them or hate them.

    I have a sister in law that hates cats and when she sees a cat, she acts like an idiot because she is so afraid of them. What the heck that is all about, I will never know.

  5. "He was much slower than Frankie."

    That had me laughing out loud at work!

  6. This is such a nice story, i have always had cats but recently I moved out of my parents house and convinced my cat hating boyfriend we needed a cat! We got a gorge little black kitten for the first while she was so cute and all she done was lie around sleeping, now she is 12weeks old and all she does is run around crazily.... she is possesed she actually growls like a dog!!lol but we love her anyway :)