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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are You Insane?!

    Through out our lives we pass by many people. We pass each other at work, in the grocery store, in our own neighborhood. Some we stop and talk to and others we pass up. Some we downright run away from. In a split second we make a decision based on their looks, the way they walk, their mannerism. We know nothing about them yet we make our choice. We don't do this with anything else; we don't choose our cars, our homes or even the clothes that we are wearing that fast. First impressions can make or break a great thing in our lives.

    Way too soon after a special pet passed away, I was handed a piece of paper. On this piece of paper where two pictures of two flame pt. Siamese kittens at the local animal shelter. The two kittens, brothers, were scrunched up, eyes wide and looked ready to attack or run from the camera man. They looked mean and grungy. I wasn't in the mood for more animals at the time. I declined. After hours and hours of debate I was talked into "at least going to look".

    At the shelter we looked at the dogs, rabbits, ducks and finally the cat house. The cat house had rows and rows of cages filled with cute, lovable little kittens and cats, any of which would make a great pet. I was directed to two cages off in the corner. In the first cage was the first flame pt. Siamese that was in the picture and in the second cage was his brother. There they were, both of them, hunched in the back and eyes wide. I stuck my fingers up to the bars of the first cage and was awarded with ears pulled back and a hiss. I stuck my fingers up to the bars of the second cage and was awarded with the same thing. Yep, they were brothers alright.

    There is a little glass room at the end of the cat house that you can have an animal taken to interact with. I declined. I don't want a mean grungy cat. We debate again. I lose. As the shelter employee is taking the first cat to the room, she remarks that if the cat bites or scratches us, it will be put down immediately. I comment on how nice her big leather gloves are she is wearing. We get to the room and she places the kitten on a chair and leaves. At one end of the room is a little kitten sitting on a chair with it ears pulled back and all hunched up looking ready to eat me, at the other end are two grown people afraid of a little kitten. Worried that it will be put down if it scratches us I say it's time to leave. The reply I got back was "let's get them". Are you INSANE?! I think to myself, except the words actually came out of my mouth. I look over and I see I'm getting the stink eye and it's not from the kitten. We debate yet once more. I only half loose, as we decide to just take one of the brothers.

    After the paperwork is done we are told they will call in about two days for us to pick up the kitten. Two days go by and we are off to the shelter. Sitting in the waiting area a lady comes out with an animal box in her hands and a horrible screeching sound emitting from it. The box hissed and growled at me the whole way home.

    When we got home, I sat the box in the middle of the living room. There it sat making the meanest noises I've heard in a long time. "Ready" I asked. I sat on the couch with the box on the floor facing away from me and opened the lid. Out sprang this mad kitten that ran around the coffee table two or three times, stopped, looked up at me, and jumped in my lap. He purred. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen.

    Two days later we went and picked up his brother. Worried that lightning wasn't going to strike twice I sat down on the couch in our living room again with another box growling at me. I faced the box away from me so as not to be attacked when the brother was released. I opened the new box. Out sprang the second mad kitten who ran around the coffee table two or three times, sniffed his brother's butt, looked up at me and jumped on the couch right next to me and fell asleep. My jaw fell. We named them Fuego and Toby and as I write this it's been two years of pure entertainment and love.

    First impressions and quick decisions are not always a good thing. Sometimes, it's important to get to know someone. I don't know why Fuego and Toby were like the way they were at the shelter, bad day maybe. We all have those. I think about all the things I would have missed out on had I not gotten to know these two cats. Imagine all the people we passed up throughout our lives and never said hello to because we didn't like their clothes or their ears were pulled back and their eyes wide. Could they be a Fuego or a Toby? Next time you pass up someone, ask yourself, did you just pass up someone who could have become your greatest friend?



  1. What a beautiful post. Purrfect!

  2. What a wonderful post. The cats are beautiful too and I'm so glad that you didn't give up on them. We have so many kittens at our shelter here and sadly most people are dog people. It's kind of sad to see the little abandoned kittens get passed over.

    And you're so right about not being too quick to judge, whether it's cats, dogs or people. Thanks for a great dose of inspiration. :)

  3. What a great story! I am so glad you gave Fuego and Toby a chance.

  4. Fin, Christina, Hunter, Leeuna and Daisy, thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words.

  5. Ilove cats and loved that post.. I had lots of pet cats earlier but now I am looking forward to a good home when I can have few cats with me again....
    They are so independent and yet loving. Hmmm and they are so clean. I miss my kitties....

  6. That's a wonderful "cat tale!" I'm completely into rescue, adopting, even taking in strays that turn up at the door! Sometimes, some have issues to take care of, but hopefully, love conquers all! Great message about first impressions in your story, too.

  7. I enjoyed reading your story of how you found and adopted Fuego and Toby. I was surprised to read the part about putting the little things down if they bite or scratched though somehow that doesn't seem fair or right. If more people spent their time accepting instead of judging we would certainly have a nicer world.

  8. I would like to thank you all for stopping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate them.
    Farila, its always good to see you and I hope you are able to get a kitty soon. Animals are a great comfort.
    WillOaks, thanks for the compliment. All my animals have been rescue animals except two...and that will be an up coming post :)
    Jude, many shelters are over crowded and not enough staff. They don't always have the time to investigate why an animal bit. It's assumed (incorrectly most of the time) that the animal is just mean and dangerous.
    Yansen, thank you my friend, that means a lot to me.

  9. man i love you too, but not gonna jump in your lap, purr and fall asleep.lmao
    picked up a doberman one time same thing happened

  10. i have a tortie point siamese i found at a shelter - she's a HANDFUL... i thought it'd be easy because i have an older cat (she's 13) who is so quiet and well-behaved.... not the siamese!

    they're beautiful!