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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cat Farts!

    Let's cut to the chase, everyone farts. We spend our entire life coming up with unique ways to blame it on anything and everything. We are embarrassed by it yet we all do it. Fill a room with 30 people and an all too familiar smell and you would get 30 comments along the lines of "I didn't do it", "I don't smell anything", "did something just die?" It's in our nature, we can't help it.

    Opening the front door one cold, late October afternoon, I entered the house only to be hit with an over bearing smell. I called out to my roommate, "I think the pumpkin went bad, it stinks". He responded from the other room "it's fine, it was the cat". How sad, I thought, we've come to blaming the cats. I hollered in response, "The cat's 2 years old, you mean to tell me he chose today to start blowing air poo?" And then the familiar response, "wasn't me".

    The following day as I sat at the computer doing what I'm sure was extremely important things, the familiar smell of rotten pumpkin came bellowing up. I looked across at my roommate who had a big smile on his face and was trying not to laugh, "wasn't me, I swear". "Go outside", I begged. It was too cold to open all the windows. "Better yet", I said, "go down the street". Yes, that bad. Laughing now, he says "I swear, it's the cat"

    For a week this went on and every time, he blamed the cat. I pointed out that it only happened when he was around. I pointed out that before I could smell anything, he started laughing. I pointed out the cat was only 10 pounds and 10 pounds of cat could not produce that.

    At the end of the week as I sat at the computer doing what I'm sure was extremely important things, I was enveloped by rotten pumpkin once again. Just as I was about to say something, I realized, I was alone. Almost alone I should say. At my feet lay 10 pounds of cat looking up at me. Although he couldn't speak, I could read his eyes and they simply said, "Wasn't me".


  1. ::Claps paws:: Wasn't me either.

    Hey have you gone to the Cat Blogosphere? Big group of kitty bloggers, I could introduce you.

  2. lol!!
    i once had a cat that fared the worst smell you could imagine, and pooped all over the place. we had to get rid of it fast. :)

  3. man them cat farts is awful, i kin smell it now, good thing i can open them winders

  4. Hi Fin, haven't been to Cat Blogosphere, I'll have to check it out.

    Sarah, I lucked out, it only lasted a week. No clue what caused it

    LMAO Mr.Bob. Are you saying my post stinks?

  5. LOL! My face hurts from laughing!!
    Our black lab Dixie toots and then looks behind her and all around to see where it came from.

  6. I was ROFLing at this post! My cats are the laziest things around. They'll sleep for like, hours, and then walk two feet and sleep some more. :P

    I love this blog and will follow it. Hopefully, you can follow my blog too:

  7. Hi Creek Cats and dannyd. Glad you all liked the story. dannyd, most definitly will follow your blog, it's a great blog

  8. I'm very happy that you think that my blog is great. I hope that you can read and comment on these posts soon:

  9. You may well like my post from yesterday on Life is Just Like That...
    It's about the cats in my life. I have never heard a cat fart, wow! Never smelt one having farted and I had missed it. I am amazed, stunned and, having spilt my coffee, coffeeless.

    You were right, a different blog, I will be adding it post haste to Blogger's Cafe:
    under Fun & Humour Blogs in Library 1.

    Good luck


  10. And, hopefully, you can see this:

  11. Cats don't fart often, but it does bring a tear to your eyes!

  12. call me weird, or just a true cat lover, but i love kittie toots!
    -Us4 Gatos

  13. I don't have a cat, but I do have a little boy (looks all innocent, wasn't me i swear)

  14. What a great, funny post! At last someone blows the lid off the myth of cat farts! And I thought it was just an excuse my mom gave all those years...even after the cat ran away. Well done!

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