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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interlude #03: You Named Your Cats After What???

     A long time ago, back in middle school, a friends family had two cats.  Their names were Trix and Coco Puffs.  I asked him one day who named them and he told me his Dad.  I replied "I take it your dad likes cereal a lot".  He replied, "no, hookers".


  1. Back on school I had a friend who thought he was very cleaver. He got two kittens from a friend, and named the one Blow, and the other Job. He cracked himself every evening at 5 when his mom called all the animals to come and eat. Funny how the schoolboy humor never fades in men :-/

  2. Hunter - thanks :)

    Frog - this is true. I still love fart jokes and I'm 43 :)

  3. i suppose those are popular names for hookers? i guess it's much better than frog's friend...:)

  4. I guess Meow Meow and Nom Noms aren't hookers...


  5. Mike, when the twins were born, my oldest uncle was over seas, my other uncle was there and they asked him to name the twins. uncle, father was upset, second uncle is not too brite, was afraid he would name them somethin stoopid. so he asked what he named them since they wer a boy and a girl.
    He said I named the little girl daniece, and he was relieved, he asked what did you name my son, he cheerfully replied, danephew.

  6. It all makes sense now! Cereals are named after hookers! Who knew? I can see it now. Almond Delight, Cocoa Pebbles, Honey Cups, Lucky Charms, Most, Sugar Smacks, Yummy Mummy...all named after hookers! Sort of makes you proud to be a John.

  7. LOL... have been missing your posts.

  8. Sarah - It was 1977 :)

    AV - I don't know, sounds hookerish to me. LOL

    John - I had a feeling thats where you name came from. BTW, thought of you the whole time I was writing this. :)

    Bob - DOH! I can't believe I fell for that hook, line and sinker

    Tom - They have a cereal named Yummy Mummy??? Definitly a hooker name.

    Farila - welcome back and I'm glad you enjoy my post as much as I enjoy yours.

  9. Thanks for that startle. What a good one! I'll never look at Cocoa Puffs the same way again! :)

  10. Sorry that it has been a while since I commented on here, but I had to laugh at this! I wonder if that is why you either eat cereal in the mornings or have some as a snack at night? Now you have me wondering about hookers and cereals like I'm some mad woman!
    That's the sort of things that I wonder about! I wonder about so many things that I confuse myself at times!
    I have just got two new kittens! (STICKS OUT TONGUE) Check them out on my blog! They are just 7 weeks old now!

  11. OMG this was great. The post was funny but the comments were funnier. I certainly will be careful what I name cats from now on. Love the Blow and Job one.

  12. Oh my - too much information for junior high!

  13. Priceless. I get flack for naming one of mine Scat -- as in the MUSIC, not the poo!!

  14. Just Playin - you're welcome :)

    Alice - I have cats and they trained me to be quick...I dare you to stick that tongue out again. LOL I saw your pics and I am madly in love with your kittens.

    Marg - I'm careful about naming animals. I had to change the name of one last year. She had it for two weeks so she adjusted to the name change...thank gawd.

    Chris - I'm not completely convinced they weren't really named after cereal. I was then though. :)

    I Wonder Wye - LOL I didn't even think poo till you pointed it out.

  15. Oh MY! Amazing how humans name us! Too funny!