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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


    We plan and plot for hours or even days to find that perfect gift to surprise our loved ones at Christmas. What to get, how to get it and where to hide it for the big surprise come the morning of December 25th. We finally come up with a perfect plan for the perfect surprise when what to our wondering eye should appear, SURPISE!, just not quite the way we planned it.

    It was a warm winter morning in December when a brilliant idea came to me. Having just moved in together, our furnishings were bare. I called up a friend and told him what I had planned for a Christmas gift for my happy little family and asked for his help. Thinking it would be a wonderful surprise, he was more than happy to oblige. He drove over to my place to pick me up in his Jeep Wrangler and we headed off to the store.

    On the way, we debated whether or not everything would fit in his Jeep. Suggesting we could make two trips if it didn't, we continued, content there would be no problems.

    At the store, we headed off to the electronics section and there they were, displayed proudly, hundreds of screen all glowing with the same images. With each glorious display I visited, the T.V.'s got bigger and grandeur and my friend got more nervous about it fitting into his Jeep. I assured him it would fit and continued on. My eyes fell upon the last display, a massive 36" Sony Trinitron with surround sound, a DVD player and a DirecTV box.  My eyes glazed over, this was the 90's, it was go big or go home. A salesman approached me as I wiped the drool from the side of my mouth and my friend leaned in to me from behind and whispered that I should try and see if they would lower the price if I purchased everything.

    The salesman started in on his speech and I quickly cut him off with the wave of my hand, "I'll take it all!" I exclaimed as my friend groaned behind me. The salesman, afraid I may change my mind, frantically wrote up the ticket and had me in front of a register to pay within 30 seconds. He informed us where we could pick up the purchase and gave us the pick up ticket.

    In the parking lot on the way to his Jeep, we debated again whether everything would fit. We both agreed it was going to take two trips and drove the Jeep over to the pick-up area. As we got out of the Jeep, a store employee came out with two massive carts, one had a huge box that must have been close to five feet wide, and asked if they were for us. No, I say to him, we got the 36" T.V. Laughing, he tells us that's what is in the huge box. My friend and I look at each other and I know exactly what he is thinking, it's not going to fit, period. 

    "It'll fit" I say determined. I give him the 'what if we' speech and he grudgingly agrees it might work. Off come the doors, the roof, the gas can, the spare tire and yes, the back seat. The salesman, no longer laughing with us but at us, knows exactly what I'm going to ask next and nicely suggest we put what turns out to be, most of my friends Jeep right inside the door of the pick-up area and he will watch it for us. We manage to fit the T.V. into the Jeep but nothing else. We head off to his place to hide the T.V. in his garage until Christmas Eve. Three trips later and the day exhausted, everything is in his garage and his Jeep is reassembled.
Cleaner I might add.

    The gifts all wrapped and hidden safely, Christmas Eve finally arrives. My friend and his other half come over and we have a wonderful dinner. Afterwards, as per plan, I state we need more beer and ask my friend to come with me to the store. I use the excuse to borrow the Chevy Blazer because I'm out of gas. Off to his house we sped.

    With the two of us straining to pick up the huge T.V. we fit it into the Blazer with a ¼ of an inch to spare on either side, being mindful not to rip the wrapping paper. Everything else sits on my no longer smiling friend in the passenger seat.

    Back at my place, I enter the front door and grab the cats. With everything we are bringing in, the front door is going to be left open so I lock the cats in the bedroom. They hate it. We head out the door to start bringing in the gifts and I can hear someone yelling after me, "where is the beer?" I yell back," there is plenty at the back of the fridge, look behind the vegetables!" Thirty minutes later, everything is in and you can no longer see the Christmas tree behind all the massive boxes all wrapped pretty. I could see the wonder in the eyes I love and I think to myself, this was a lot of work but tomorrow morning, the look of surprise on that cute little face will be worth it.

    Everyone settles down, and I head down the hallway to let the cats out. I get the bedroom door open just a crack when the door is flung from my hands as two furry blurs go tearing past me, pieces of carpet flying up behind them. I tear off down the hall after the terrible two, knowing whatever they are going to do, will not be good. Just inches behind them, we fly out to the living room passed the startled guests, they leap over the coffee table and head straight for the massive boxes all wrapped pretty. Stuck on the wrong side of the coffee table that I can't leap over, all I could do was watch in horror as both cats in unison reached up to the biggest massive box all wrapped pretty and with one swipe, rip the wrapping paper. That's all they did, one swipe and there the massive box all wrapped pretty stood with a big gash in the paper, framing the word Sony, practically blinking like a neon sign from Vegas.

    A quiet hush fell across the room. I stood there, horrified that all my work for the big Christmas surprise just got flushed down the toilet. I threw out my arms as if revealing the word in Wheel of Fortune and in my best Vanna White impersonation, said to the still stunned crowd, "Um, surprise".

    We laughed most of the night about it. It may not have been the surprise that I plotted and planned, but it was a good one.


  1. I think that, in hindsight, that just makes the story that much better!

  2. Lol Mike.. 1st off loved the "Santa Cat" pic way too cool! then, as always, :D great story!

  3. all that work! i feel your pain. surprise came a day early, so not a total loss. good thing my dog just barked at the stockings an hour after i put them up!

  4. Hunter, makes a lot look better. :)

    Aion, thanks guy, I was goofin off at photobucket and came up with those. It's Rock and Bull

    Sarah, yeah, my cat barks at the stockings too. :)

  5. Great story! Your cats sound like they plot together behind closed

  6. Checking ... I could not post comment last time I logged in

  7. OK.. it is working. I love Santa Claws. Cool
    A surprise is a surprise even if it happens to be a premature one. You cats are so unique like every other cat I have seen. I love the way your narration goes. Wish I could imitate you. Thanks for permitting me to use your title.

  8. Mike,
    that was the kool kat kristmas, they wanted to watch the kitty shows on the big screen.
    can not fool dem kats.
    good read,

  9. Isn't it always what you don't expect to happen that makes the experience? Cats understand that.

  10. ByDSea, i'm sure they plot in between playing Wii games

    Farila, I've been having the same problem with some other posts with the comment thing too

    Bob,one of these days I WILL pull a fast one on them and get away with it. I hope.

    Bruce, very true. It's the unexpected that I remember the most.

  11. It could have been worse Mikey; it could have been the screen they scratched, right????


    tee hee


  12. That was a great story and let me tell you, my perfect little cats would do the exact same thing. Just destroy everything,but they are so much fun to have around. What would we do without them.

  13. Yes it's true that the cats willfully and purposefully spoiled the surprise because that's what cats are supposed to do, confound their humans! (I think it's their dogma.) But hey, you gotta love 'em. Lest they become violent and murder us in our sleep. Great post!

  14. I have great idea of what to give your cats in the festive stocking how about some of these pesky rats we have here .you can always blame tabbyklaus, if they do not like them.

  15. Marla, thank you, I am glad you enjoy them.

    Burb, you mean the screen with the big hole in it?

    Marg, we'd be bored without them. :)

    Tom, I have to admit, I sleep with one eye open just in case they get any ideas

    Tony, nothing moves and lives in this house. I have three very real hunters here.