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Friday, November 27, 2009

Awards Everywhere

     I had a story that was to post today called 'Funny, I Don't Recall Eating That'.  I pulled it before it posted becaues I entered it into a contest and one of the rules was it could not be published.  It did not specifically say internet but a lot do and I did not want to chance it.  I will know by mid February if and where it places and if it does not place I can post it then.  Obviously, I feel it is a great story which is why I entered it.

     Instead of the story today, I have a little time to acknowledge some awards I recieved from some truley great people.  I hope not to offend anyone, I wont be following some of the rules, but I did want to acknowledge them.

First, I recieved the Superior Scribbler Award from Tina @ The Clean White Page
                                                                                  Bendigo @ Bendigo's Rage

I originally Recieved this award from Leeuna @ My Mind Wandered...and it never came back and you can check out the post and who I passed it on to here: Superior Scribbler Award

2nd, I recieved the Kreativ Blogger Award from The Trailer Trash Queen

I originally recieved this from Jenno @ The Life And Times Of La Jenno  and you can check out the post and who I passed it on to here: Kreativ Blogger Award

3rd, I recieved the Over The Top Award from Ms Burb @ Burb's Buck & Buntline Inn
                                                                         Adorabibble @ Adorabibble

This is the one I'm going to have the break the rules on.  Between work, the holidays and being sick I will have to follow up on this at a later date.  I just wanted to get this up to acknowledge the wonderful people who gave these to me in the last couple of weeks.  Everyone of these sites are fantastic and I urge you to check them out. 

Again, Thank you all and thank you to everyone who follows me



  1. Congrats on the awards and best of luck with the contest!

  2. congrats llamah-man. I hope you feel better soon.
    i know it lies tho, your just hiding in the closet, too affraid of the cats, but watchout spiders are in there with you :D

  3. Jazzlyn and I thank you!

    God help AV~! he started a food porn jag with oysters, so I am off the blog
    love and fishey fishes

  4. congrats! and good luck on the contest. we're waiting for the good news.

  5. You have some awards on my blog for your other blog,, I love to read your thrilling stories over there.
    BTW can I borrow a bit of your title for one of my blogs?

  6. Good luck on the contest.. Keeping fingers crossed for you

  7. I think that superior scribbler award is just so cute! And you are, of course, well deserving of it too! WTG. :D

  8. You're a talented writer Mike... you'll do great! Looking forward to your next post.

  9. Congrats on the awards (well deserved) and looking forward to your next entry.

    Kate x

  10. This is my first visit here and I am enjoying your writing. As a relative newbie to on-line journaling, it's great to see good's inspiring.

    Maybe I was drawn here because a friend of mine who lives far away just lost his cat..kinda sad.....and I feel a bit of comfort here in the company of cat people.

    Best of luck on your story, and kudos on your awards!

    Hope to visit again, and of course, you are invited as well.

  11. your work is great I enjoyed each one i read, like you I love to tell stories however; iI could never write like you and I love to see the printed words of other who put aside what fears they may have and put them to print. thank you for sharing your spot with me I am glad to have you as a friend on facebook