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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Interlude #4: If You Have A Moustache, Get A Dog!

    I was awakened each night to what felt like Muhammad Ali slapping me in the face. My eyes would open to find my new Kitten sitting on my chest staring at me. This happened for weeks, every night. I seem to be the only one in the house this kitten hated so much he felt the need to punch me around as I slept. I was laughed at and mocked for getting beat up by a tiny cute adorable little kitten. During the day, he seemed to love me but each night the lights went out, the gloves went off. Ding goes the bell, whack goes the paw, right in the nose.

    It wasn't until one afternoon, when I saw my tiny cute adorable little kitten playing with a toy, that I finally caught on. He was batting, punching and flinging a fuzzy little worm cat toy. I reached up to my hairy upper lip and the light of understanding shined down on me.

    Doing my Sally Field impersonation, "you love me, you really, really love me", I ran to the bathroom and snatched the clippers from the drawer.

    That night, with my closely cut upper lip hair, I grabbed the fuzzy little worm cat toy and placed it on the end of the bed. I shut off the light and smiled, looking forward to my first uninterrupted night of sleep in weeks. As the drunks were all going home, I was again startled awake by a left hook to the face. My eyes popped open, wide awake with confusion in my head. There on my chest sat the tiny cute adorable little kitten and there on my face sat the fuzzy little worm cat toy.


  1. WOW Mike,
    that was by far the best cat story I have ever heard, that little booger, loves ,oves loves YOU.

  2. OOOOOPS; what the l was that left behind?

  3. Oh that is such a cute story! What a smart little kitty too!

  4. So at least now I know that you have whiskers.. ooooppsss sorry Moustache. Now to wonder how Muhammad Ali won all those boxing matches with a tiny cat paw...
    You always have wonder cat stories...

  5. Kate, yes he did. I had the scratches for proof :)

    Bob, yes, he oved me very much. LOL

    Amy, him and his brother Rock were brilliant, they ganged up on my for the rest of there lives. I always lost.

    Hunter, thanks buddy

    Farila, yes but the stache is mostly gray now and as for Muhammad...big gloves.

  6. What a story!
    First time here. I found you in the comments section of some blogs I'm visiting!.
    Have a great time!:)

  7. Just passing by to say thanks for following!
    I'm following too:)

  8. I have an award for you at my place!

  9. Awww, kitteh just loves you. :) Cats are so funny sometimes -- one of my favorite "terms of endearment" from them is how most will head butt you until you rub them nearly raw. :)

  10. Awwwww ----- he looks just like my Lenny (Leno)! They could be brothers! He loves you, what we'll suffer for love......there will be an award for you over at my place tomorrow, come pick up the bling....

  11. I love your stories! This is yet another hilarious one.

  12. That's so awesome. Before we had our little Logan, our first two babies were Tango and Smudge. They're still the love of our lives.

    Actually, Tango looks EXACTLY like the blackie you have pictured!

    Great story! Kittens are the best, yeah?

  13. At least he was beating you out of Love. If you pet my cat for too long, he bites!!

  14. Mikey, you are one of my pics for the "Over The Top" Blog Award, that has just been bestowed to me yesterday. Go to the thread I started in the Coffee Shop for the award requirements and just snip-clip the pic of the award off of my homepage at TLB2 ( at the bottom of the sidebar. Congrats! MsBurb

  15. Betty, glad you stopped by. I find great posts to follow in comment sections. :)

    TrailerTrash, thank you for the award, and love your finger nails pics.

    Adorabibble, Hopefully today I will be able to get past #4 where the G and T are right next to each other. What a hysterical site you have

    Jenno, We call him Fuego, here. He head butts everything

    I Wonder Wye, thank you kindly and scratch Lenny behind the ears for me. :)

    Laura, thank you, it's my honor.

    Dayne, animals have a way of warming our hearts

    Grace, thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it

    Sahasrara, I have that too, we call her Beijing, she thinks I'm absolutly delicious

    MsBurb, Thank you kindly. I'll be over shortly with an appletini

  16. Sorry I'm late, Mike! You are so cute!

  17. I look forward to reading your posts Mike, can't wait for you to update! How funny, thanks again for a great story!

  18. I would seriously be jumping out of my skin if I woke up and found a cat on my face!

  19. Hahahahahah :D That sounds like the sweetest kitty cat in the whole entire world! :D

  20. Never be one to get between a cat's amusement and your lack of sleep, doing so will rip the fabric of the space/time continuum!!!

    Cordially, (If Not Entirely Sober!)
    High Chief Mucky Muck of B3 & TLB2

  21. Tina, never apologize for being late, as long as you show up and call me cute. :)

    Aion, it is 100% my pleasure buddy

    Just Playin, yeah, it was a bit startling for awhile :)

    Ingrid, he and is brother Rock ended up being 2 of the greatest cats.

    MsBurb, no more Star Trek for you! now pass me a drink please. :)

  22. lol made me laugh at work - always a good thing! Great blog! I'm now a follower :)

  23. HAha! LOL
    That is hilarious! Cats r awsum :)

  24. Fuzzy worm toy=the ultimate ironic mustache. I had a cat once who would wake me up every morning by wrapping herself around my head and gnawing on it like a giant melon.